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NØBI Newsletter ISSN 0804-1075

NØBI Newsletter is published irregularly by NØBI. It contains news from the geographic areas of Leira and Nordre Øyeren situated ca. 20 km east of Oslo. This newsletter is also published in Norwegian (NØBI Nyhetsbrev, ISSN 0804-0583). The Norwegian version is written in a more popular manner, and do not contain all details as described in the English version.

Circulation: 50.

For an overview of published issues please check below.

Norwegian EMMA Project Update ISSN 0805-5629

This newsletter is published occasionally and jointly with Societas Europaea Mammalogica (SEM). It contains updated news on the progress of collecting data on mammal distribution for the European atlas project. Information on the Norwegian Bat Atlas is also included.

Circulation: 500.

For more information on the Norwegian Atlas on Mammals or Norwegian EMMA Project Update please press here.

Fennoscandian Bats ISSN 0805-570X

This newsletter is published occasionally by NØBI. Fennoscandian Bats is an international newsletter covering the territory of Fennoscandia, which includes Finland, Norway, Russian Karelia and Sweden. Denmark has been included for practical reasons. It contains news on research, management, meetings and publications.

The aim of the newsletter is to promote cooperation, development and awareness within the region. Secondly, the newsletter gives useful information for the authorities managing bats through the European Bats Agreement.

Circulation: 500.

For more information press here.

Nordic Herpeto-News

This newsletter is published irregular by the organizer of the forthcoming Nordic Herpetological Symposium. The newsletter contains news from the geographic areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. One issue has so far the following issues have been published:

Nordic Herpeto-News no.1, 29. December 2000 (page 1, page 2)
Nordic Herpeto-News no. 2, in preperation

Issued NØBI Newsletters

NØBI Newsletter 1, 10 July 1989
NØBI Newsletter 2, 1 July 1990
NØBI Newsletter 3, 30 June 1991
NØBI Newsletter 4, 10 September 1991
NØBI Newsletter 5, 26 May 1992
NØBI Newsletter 6, 24 June 1992
NØBI Newsletter 7, 30 July 1992
NØBI Newsletter 8, 10 October 1992
NØBI Newsletter 9, 10 May 1993
NØBI Newsletter 10, 20 August 1993
NØBI Newsletter 11, 5 Desember 1993
NØBI Newsletter 12, 30 May 1994
NØBI Newsletter 13, 1 June 1995
NØBI Newsletter 14, 10 October 1996
NØBI Newsletter 15, 15 November 1997
NØBI Newsletter 16, 15 October 1998
NØBI Newsletter 17, 10 December 1999
NØBI Newsletter 18, 31 December 2000
NØBI Newsletter 19, 15 May 2001

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