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Report series'

NØBI publish the following report series':

NØBI Report
NØBI Brief
NØBI Introductory Research Essay
NØBI Working Report
NØBI Internal Report
NØBI Internal Brief

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NØBI Report
ISSN 0805-827X

This is NØBI's main publication series. It presents new information arising from comprehensive studies, surveys and inventories, management practices, experimental research on methodology and literature reviews.

The series is numbered when the writing of the specific report has been initiated, and not when published. The order is therefore not necessarily the same as publication. Some reports were initially made as a series named Meddelelse. These reports have later gotten a new cover and ISBN number, however, still keeping the original publication year. Two reports have been made VOID (nos. 6 and 11) as the fieldwork and results did not qualify for publishing in the NØBI Report series.

  1. Utbredelse og forekomst av amfibier i Nordre Øyeren naturreservat. 1989. ISBN 82-90827-49-0.

  2. A check list to the species of Nordre Øyeren Nature Reserve. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-46-6.

  3. Nightingale Luscinia luscinia (L., 1758) at Leira and Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-51-2.

  4. Status on mammals (Mammalia) found in Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-05-9.

  5. Criteria for conservation in Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-17-2.

  6. Void

  7. Notes on Terns (Sterninae) in Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-18-0.

  8. Notes on Gulls Larus spp. in Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-19-9.

  9. A study on waterholes in Nordre Øyeren. 1991. ISBN 82-90827-20-2.

  10. Metoder for naturvitenskaplige registreringer. 1991. ISBN 82-90827-52-0.

  11. Void

  12. Distribution and abundance of amphibians in Nordre Øyeren Nature Reserve. 1991. ISBN 82-90827-23-7.

  13. Undervisningsmateriell i naturfag for grunnskolen. 1994. ISBN 82-90827-04-0.

  14. A survey of bats in Leira and Nordre Øyeren. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-16-4.

  15. Status on Norwegian Bats. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-11-3.

  16. Merking av terner i Nordre Øyeren naturreservat. Konflikter og problemer. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-24-5.

  17. Suksesjoner av rød skogmaur, Formica rufa-gruppen (Formicidae) og skogbehandling. Konsekvenser for bjørn i fjellskog i Nord-Trøndelag. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-25-3.

  18. Bibliography of Scandinavian bats. ISBN 82-90827-26-1. In prep.

  19. Bibliography of Scandinavian amphibians. ISBN 82-90827-12-1. In prep.

  20. Notes on the distribution of bats (Chiroptera) on Jæren. 1994. ISBN 82-90827-14-8.

  21. Management of bats in Norway. ISBN 82-90827-40-7. In prep.

  22. Notes on the distribution of bats (Chiroptera) in Sør-Trøndelag county. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-41-5.

  23. Notes on the distribution of bats (Chiroptera) in Sogn og Fjordane county. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-42-3.

  24. An atlas on bats (Chiroptera) from a selected part of southeastern Norway. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-43-1.

  25. En generell kartlegging av amfibier i Rælingen kommune. 1997. ISBN 82-90827-63-6.

  26. En generell kartlegging av amfibier i Fet kommune. 2002. ISBN 82-90827-77-6.

NØBI Brief
ISSN 0805-8288

This report series contains brief or short communications. It presents new information on the same subjects as for NØBI Report series. Annual reports of NØBI’s activity and organization is published in this series (generally not available). The extent of the work is limited, and therefore, the brief usually contains less than 10 pages. The NØBI Brief series is more informal in its lay-out.

  1. NØBI Annual Report 1989-1991. 1992. ISBN 82-90827-28-8.

  2. Notes on Common Tern Sterna hirundo L., 1758 in Nordre Øyeren. 1992. ISBN 82-90827-29-6.

  3. NØBI Annual Report 1992. 1993. ISBN 82-90827-31-8.

  4. NØBI Annual Report 1993. 1994. ISBN 82-90827-32-6.

  5. Methods in Monitoring Bat Populations. A provisional evaluation of methods developed by NØBI. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-21-0.

  6. NØBI Annual Report 1994. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-33-4.

  7. A Provisional Assessment of the Management of Bats in Norway. A Contribution to the First Conference of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Bats in Europe, to be held at Bristol (UK) 18 - 20 July 1995. 1995. ISBN 82-90827-22-9.

  8. Norsk Feltherpetologisk Forum sin årssamling ved Øyeren 26 - 28 mai 1995. 1996. 5 pp. ISBN 82-90827-47-4.

  9. NØBI Annual Report 1995. 1996. ISBN 82-90827-48-2.

  10. Flaggermus i Tydal kommune. 1997. 8 pp. ISBN 82-90827-59-8.

  11. Amfibier i Tydal kommune. 1997. 5 pp. ISBN 82-90827-60-1.

  12. Flaggermus i Røros kommune. 1997. 8 pp. ISBN 82-90827-62-8.

  13. Notes on Pipistrellus kuhlii (Natterer, 1819) studied at Alanya and Mahmutlar, Turkey. 1997. ISBN 82-90827-66-0. In prep.

  14. En generell undersøkelse av potensielle ynglelokaliteter for amfibier ved Leira i Skedsmo kommune. 1997. 10 pp. ISBN 82-90827-67-9. In prep.

  15. NØBI Annual Report 1996. 1997. ISBN 82-90827-70-9.

  16. Amfibier i Røros kommune. 1997. 11 pp. ISBN 82-90827-71-7.

  17. NØBI Annual Report 1997. 1998. ISBN 82-90827-72-5.

  18. NØBI Annual Report 1998. 1999. ISBN 82-90827-73-3.

  19. NØBI Annual Report 1999. 2000. ISBN 82-90827-74-1.

  20. Status og tiltak i forbindelse med forekomst av åkerrikse på elveslettene til Leira i Fet. 2000. 13 pp. ISBN 82-90827-76-8.

NØBI Introductory Research Essay
ISSN 0808-954X

Reports published in this series do not present new information. It contains rather an introduction to a subject based on an extensive review of most published literature on the topic. This may be practical when projects are being initiated on new subjects. (New series from 1997)

NØBI Working Report
ISSN 0805-8296

This report series contain temporary results from ongoing projects and monitoring programs. The final results are published in NØBI Report and/or in an external periodical.

NØBI Internal Report

Similar series to NØBI Report. However, the contents is of limited interest, or is not distributed freely due to the nature of its contents.

NØBI Internal Brief

Similar series to NØBI Brief. However, the contents is of limited interest, or is not distributed freely due to the nature of its contents.

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